The New Bureaucracy: Waste and Folly in the Private Sector
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Review excerpts
Herschel Hardin's look behind the ideological screen of free enterprise may well be his best book yet.

One of the most important books of our time.
- The Facts (Canadian Union of Public Employees)

Herschel Hardin doesn't want to simply rock the boat. He wants to turn the boat around.
- B.C. Bookworld

Hardin is as pungent and forceful as arsenal for Canadian social democrats.
- Douglas Fisher, Toronto Sun

A carefully reasoned and fully documented analysis...rips away the shroud of secrecy that hides the private sector's self-indulgence.
- Ed Finn, Canadian Forum

Monstrous half-truths and distortions.
- Alberta Report

Extravagances in the private sector that make anything that happens in the public sector pale by comparison....a readable, essential and dismaying look into the dirty laundry-basket of the private sector.
- Walter Stewart, Toronto Star

Just the right balance between empirical and anecdotal authoritative yet entertaining narrative guaranteed to shock even the most ardent free enterpriser.
- David Baines, Vancouver Sun

You will never think of the business world as you did [before] once you read Herschel Hardin.
- Niagara Falls Review

Another blast of Hardin's fresh air...a humorous and insightful human being.
- OPSTF News (Ontario Public School Teachers' Federation)

Story after story of wasteful, foolish and unimaginable expensive practices.
- Economic Indicators (National Union of Public and General Employees)

The joke's on us...strong The New Bureaucracy if only to get your spleen going. It did mine.
- Rod Ziegler, Edmonton Journal

The New Bureaucracy is even better [than A Nation Unaware], and potentially far more important and useful.
- Kitchener-Waterloo Record

All the distasteful and wasteful attributes traditionally ascribed go government functionaries. ... What he described can be summed up in one word - decadence.
- Calgary Herlad.

Flaming darts, shotgun blasts and adder stings...a "rock 'em, sock 'em" affair. ... If North America were of a different culture, Herschel Hardin would become its Salman Rushdie.
- Saskatoon Star Phoenix

A tough, new book...timely... What a lovely time Mr. Hardin has.
- Stevie Cameron, Globe and Mail
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