Closed Circuits: The Sellout of Canadian Television
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Review excerpts
Hardin's provocative book on broadcasting politics, had all the critics talking:

Powerful and masterful argument ... a searing indictment of the Canadian government's broadcasting policies since l968. - Globe and Mail

A wonderful book - wonderfully passionate, sardonic, incisive ... superb knowledge. - Peter Desbarats, Montreal Gazette

A tool for cutting through the CRTC's bureaucratic obscurities and eye-glazing mystifications ... a stream of caustic consciousness ... We need more guides like Herschel Hardin who know the territory, speak the language and who aren't afraid to fight. - Vancouver Sun.

A damning inquiry into the betrayal of public trust in the realm of Canadian broadcasting ... a powerful case. - Macleans

A catalogue of manipulation and distortion, deception and self-deception, cowardice, arrogance, cant, pomposity and opportunism; and it all happened right here in Canada ... an altogether bone-chilling account ... contentious ... compelling. - Joan Irwin, Toronto Star

A searing study of Canadian TV that is must reading for all viewers who wonder what has gone so wrong with our regulatory system. - Jim Bawden, Toronto Star

When it comes to the state of Canadian television, nothing says it better than this irreverent new book by Herschel Hardin ... a well deserved harpoon into the blubber of Canada's TV industry ... a landmark work. - Edmonton Journal

As compelling for casual readers as for longtime observers of the broadcasting scene ... Hardin does not pull his punches ... a gripping cautionary tale. - Ottawa Citizen

One of the most gifted literary talents to campaign for Canadian nationalism and culture ... You'll cherish some of his descriptions. - Douglas Fisher, Toronto Sun

A muckraking chronicle of 2O years of mismanagement of the public airwaves ... a simply splendid political pamphlet ... a "hot" book ... a welcome smack that's sure to keep the Canadian media ball where it should be: bouncing hard. - Cinema Canada

Well documented ... sarcastic but always amusing ... Those interested in the subject absolutely must read it. - Le Devoir

Canada's foremost critic of the politics of television, the Captain Courageous of the nation's airwaves. - Max Wyman, Vancouver Province

If you are bored, sickened or fatigued by your TV set, then Hardin's book will tell you how it all came about ... - Geoffrey Molyneux, Vancouver Province

The most important book about Canadian broadcasting since The Public Eye and The Struggle for National Broadcasting ... It's all here ... No person who cares about the future of Canada and he quality of our children's lives can afford to ignore this excellent book. - Mark Starowicz, Kingston Whig-Standard

Hard-hitting ... well-written, well-organised ... You'll find a good many answers in this book. - Financial Post

Written by one of Canada's most knowledgeable broadcasting critics ... a provocative expose of regulatory betrayal, private broadcasters' hypocrisy and the overall sellout of Canadian television's potential. - This Magazine

Herschel Hardin shoots straight from the hip ... His homework is excellent.- Saskatoon Star-Phoenix

Hardin has outdone Frank Peers - until now the official historian of Canadian broadcasting. - David Balcon, Media Magazine.

Tough, snappy ... Closed Circuits will do much to short-circuit the image of the CRTC, and deservedly so. - Alberta Report

Provides example after clear-cut example of ways in which the "feeble" commission has strayed from its mandate, turned a blind eye to irregularities in broadcast licensing and bowed to the wishes of powerful television and cable lobbies ... a valuable and provocative document. - Victoria Times-Colonist

Hits home on a number of solid points ... the most important book to emerge in the last 2O years vis-a-vis the Canadian-American connection. - Content

Shows only too painfully how the CRTC has subverted the ideal of the Broadcast Act by prostituting the very principles and policies that are its raison d'Ítre. - Actrascope

Written with passion, conviction ... a good story, well told, strong, heady stuff. - Actra Writers Guild

Hard-hitting, impeccably researched ... fills one with both fascination and incredulity ... a grim reminder that when the private interest conflicts with public interest, it's the public interest that gets savaged. - Monday Magazine.

Required reading for anyone interested with the behind-the-scenes activity of the Canadian TV industry of the last two decades. - Canadian Press

A great book ... lays waste the fraud ... That means it's a dangerous book ... Herschel Hardin is a dangerous guy. - Canadian Dimension
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