The Great Wave of Civilization
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Review excerpts
Canadian Theatre Festival, Lennoxville, summer 1976
A tale of villainy well told… a model of production that one can take to theatre schools everywhere.
- Jean O’Neil, La Presse

An impressive piece of writing.
- Myron Galloway, Montreal Star

A terrific show…terribly funny and tragic.
- Virginia Medland, Sherbrooke Record

Arresting...suspense of a good western film.
- Herb Whittaker, Globe and Mail

Rich and passionate…poetry with a plot.
- Julia Maskoulis, Montreal Gazette

Remarkable for its theatricality.
- Jon Redfern, Canadian Forum

Good theatrical ingredients…The trouble was that the mixture is more like a clam chowder than a cream soup. Such a mixture inevitably has its lumps.
- James Nelson, Canadian Press

A great, unwieldy Brontosaurus of a play that asserts itself with a wild, uncompromising courage and succeeds – against considerable odds – in insinuating itself into the consciousness of an audience.
- Jamie Portman, Southam News Service

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