The New World Order
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Review excerpts
Surprisingly engaging....couldnít be more timely.
- Kathleen Oliver, Georgia Straight

Emotionally moving, thought-provoking and witty..
- Diane McIntosh, graphic designer

Highly entertaining.... the kind of play that makes you want to talk about it.
- Heidi Greco, editor/writer

Excellent character portrayal....I loved it. .... It's so rare in our culture to find politics in art"
- Tom Shandel, documentary film producer

An absolutely fascinating piece of work.... really remarkable.
- Edith Iglauer, author and New Yorker staff writer (Ms. Iglauer, as a young reporter for the Cleveland News, once interviewed Jan Masaryk.)

The characters actually bring you into the surroundings. Itís like sitting in on a conversation with some very interesting people.....
- Miriam Olney, pension officer and corporate director

It was brilliant. Iíve talked to people about that play. I would like to see it shown again so people could go to it.
- Inessa Ormond, administrative coordinator

I thought it was absolutely wonderful. It dealt with things that are seldom dealt with in a clear way. Most of the time I go to the theatre, it isn't satisying for me......mostly because it doesn't deal with what is relevant in my life. I found this play a wonderful exception to that. I found it just extraordinary. It left me with a lot of things to think about. I enjoyed myself and was moved ...... informed in a most important way. I'm really grateful."
- Mort Ransen, award-winning film producer and director (Margaret's Museum starring Helena Bonham Carter and Touched starring Lynn Redgrave)

I was just mesmerized by it.
- Helen Smith, retired

Portrayed it so well, I thought it was for real....extremely well-done.
- Laszlo Gati, orchestra conductor

It was perfect.
- Fereshteh Kashefi, librarian
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