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At the microphone stood a diminutive figure whose bushy beard and prominent forehead conveyed a striking likeness to one of his Fabian predecessors, George Bernard Shaw. Herschel Hardin, philosopher, author, playwright, broadcaster and polemicist, is the NDP leadership contest�s Don Quixote, tilting at all the party�s sacred presumptions. � One of the first contradictions to merge is that the candidate with freshest ideas � Mr. Hardin � also has the least chance of gaining party support. � Were Tommy Douglas, the founder of the NDP, still alive�[Mr. Hardin would] have his support.�
- Hugh Winsor, Globe and Mail

A breath of fresh air blew into last week�s meeting in Guelph of the four NDP leadership hopefuls. I refer to Vancouver author Herschel Hardin. .� He�s bright, articulate and, most of all, he thinks big picture. .... It was Herschel Hardin who gave people intellectual fodder to take home and chew on.
- Eric Johnson, Guelph Tribune

Impishly witty. .... The evening�s winner? Hardin.
-Glenn Wheeler, Now Magazine

The ultimate outsider.
- Dale Eisler, Regina Leader Post

Hardin proved to be a scrappy intellectual, brimming with ideas and strategies for the future�.stacked against the other well-groomed candidates, with their Pepsodent smiles, well-rehearsed hand gestures and polished delivery, Hardin was oddly compelling. � Next to him, the other candidates seemed vague and, well, clueless.
- Richard Mostyn, The Yukon News

The most provocative. .... bilingual and articulate, refreshing. .... His wake-up call to New Democrats needs to be heard.
- Peter O�Neil, Vancouver Sun

Herschel Hardin...has been winning plaudits for articulating, with wit and in both official languages, a platform of catchy economic and cultural policies.
- Paul Gessell, Ottawa Citizen

Impressing people with his fresh thinking on the economy.
- James Laxer, Toronto Star

Hardin the only true radical in NDP race.
- Alan Twigg, Vancouver Province

If New Democrats want a traditional political party leader, then Herschel Hardin is not the person for the job. In fact, the Vancouver author suggests, if party members want a conventional leader, they should select one of his three opponents.
- Linda Richardson, Sault Star

The rhetorical emphasis among the three high-profile candidates on �core� NDP values meant that the dark horse in the race, west coast economic guru Herschel Hardin, was the only one to generate heat in last night�s question and answer session with Island New Democrats.
- Doug Beazley, Charlottetown Guardian

The Noam Chomsky of Canada....his ideas carry a big stick.
- Robert Mason Lee, Globe and Mail

It is a measure of the malaise gripping the New Democratic Party that the man with the newest ideas for reviving Canada�s struggling democratic left won�t even be on the final ballot.
- Frances Russell, Winnipeg Free Press
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