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The mission
Herschel Hardin Associates works exclusively on public-interest projects that help create a more democratic and egalitarian society and that strengthen creativity in Canada, both locally and nationally. Eligible clients include governments and government agencies, labour unions, NGOs, crown corporations and co-operatives, cultural organizations, local non-profit societies and community economic development organizations. Only in rare circumstances, where it is satisfied that a firm is genuinely socially responsible, will Herschel Hardin Associates work for a privately owned corporation or other private business.

Our leading interest currently is helping organizations with the development of strategic thinking. We explore with our clients how to change the “frame” – the perspective, environment, ideology, or context, as you wish – in which they strive to reach their objectives. Without such framework change they are usually handcuffed, whatever their resources and energy. (For more on this, see the feature commentary, The Need for Strategic Thinking, and the Workshop on Strategic Thinking.)
The principal
Herschel Hardin brings to bear unique qualities for work on strategic development – intellectual breadth and diversity, multi-area expertise, an iconoclastic and creative mind, and experience in strategic planning going back 25 years.

Specialized expertise ranges across several key economic, business, political, media, cultural and activist areas, among them:

The frame
•   Ideology, politics and advocacy
•   Media power and politics
•   Resource allocation between private and public sectors
•   Impact of culture on economics, society and sustainability
•   Advertising and marketing, and their power of propaganda

Business and economics
•   Economic and business history
•   Entrepreneurship and the history of economic creativity
•   Crown corporations (state enterprise)
•   Credit unions and the co-operative movement
•   Privatization
•   Corporations and the corporate business scene
•   Rate regulation/financial analysis
•   Broadcast policy, licensing, financing and politics

Organizing and governance
•   Grassroots organization and activism
•   Small organization development
•   Governance and planning
Presentations and services
Herschel Hardin Associates is a full-service public-policy and public-interest consultancy, offering the following products and services:

Speeches to conferences, conventions and management groups
•   Herschel Hardin is available for bookings for major speeches on his areas of
    specialization, including leading addresses on strategic thinking, on media
    power ("setting the frame"), on the ideological attack against the public sector,
    and on the nature of economies and enterprise.  He is also available for
    appearances on selected panels.

Workshops, seminars, studies and facilitation
•   Feature workshop on strategic thinking
•   Strategic planning facilitation
•   Media and communications strategy seminar
•   Studies, briefs, reports and analytical papers (research, documentation,
    critical analysis, development of options) touching on areas of specialization
•   Customized seminars on those subject areas
•   Political strategy and advocacy

Governance and management assistance
•   Business plans and budgets
•   Grassroots organizational development assistance
•   Governance advice and problem-solving

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For bookings or for additional details in any of the above areas, please contact our office.

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