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Workshop on Strategic Thinking
The Workshop on Strategic Thinking is a broad-ranging exercise to help participants think strategically, to look at familiar realities in a new way and, through this, to discover and explore possibilities of strategic action that can lead to success.

The workshop begins by identifying the difference between strategy and tactics - two quite different concepts which are often confused. 

Using a case-history method, it then explores (a) failures because of strategic omission and (b) strategic successes. Or to put it a different way: It explores the disconnect between organizations and the strategic obstacles they face (causes of failure). With the insights gained from the case studies, workshop participants go on to establish working principles for strategic thinking.

The workshop then identifies the specific strategic challenges facing the client group and develops a list of strategic ideas to meet those challenges.  This is the most involved and demanding part of the workshop, and also the most rewarding.

Herschel Hardin Associates is also available for the next stage: evaluating and prioritizing those strategic possibilities and developing a dynamic strategic plan based on those ideas and assessments.

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