Public enterprise and economics

Whether dealing with crown corporations, the public sector, the role of markets, or anything else in the world of economics and business, these commentaries depart from the conformist fare typically found in the business pages of one’s daily newspaper. They debunk, for example, the right-wing mantra, reinforced by most so-called “business commentators,” that crown corporations should be sold off simply because they are crown-owned. The collection contains two items of particular note. “A rigged conference,” June 1987, led to the writing of the book-length treatment of the subject, The Privatization Putsch. “Ailing, failing, up in the air,” about air transport, written in a white heat in 1992, is notable for its style - a contrarian delight. And there’s much more on how the conventional wisdom on many things approaches absurdity.

(For a history of the dynamic role that public enterprise has played in Canada, see A Nation Unaware. For a book-length critique of the privatization movement and also a rare insight into the nature of enterprise and economic development (the chapter on “community-centred enterprise”), see The Privatization Putsch. For an exposé of waste and folly in the private sector and the corporate scene’s more colourful and outrageous indulgences, see The New Bureaucracy.)

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