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Several of Herschel Hardin's books are available from Herschel Hardin Associates.  To order, just print out this page and check off what you want.  Then send the list and a cheque for the items to Herschel Hardin Associates at 3498 Marine Drive, West Vancouver BC V7V 1N2.  Prices include handling, shipping and GST.  Delivery in Canada takes about two weeks from reception of the order.  For international orders, please query us by email for additional shipping costs and delivery times.
A Nation Unaware, Vancouver: J.J. Douglas, 1974 - $26
Closed Circuits: The Sellout of Canadian Television, Vancouver: Douglas & McIntyre, 1985 - $26
The Privatization Putsch, Halifax: Institute for Research on Public Policy,
1989 - $26  
The New Bureaucracy: Waste and Folly in the Private Sector, Toronto: McClelland & Stewart - $28
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Esker Mike and his Wife, Agiluk, 1973, and The Great Wave of Civilization, 1976, are available from Talonbooks.

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