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These commentaries, going back to 1974, cover the gamut - concentration of media ownership and power, media bias, public broadcasting, brand-name propaganda, regulatory failure, and everything in between. Some of the analysis is altogether unique, all of it is original. A notable example: the exploration of television financing (public financing is much more efficient than commercial financing). Another example: the critique of the CBC (it is blatantly right-wing, not left-wing). Also touched on is the failure of Canada’s political parties to take on concentration of media power. Many of the earlier columns deal with the hapless Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission [CRTC], a lamentable excuse for a regulatory agency.

(For the complete story about the CRTC and broadcast politics in Canada, see Closed Circuits: The Sellout of Canadian Television. For the definitive essay on Canada’s public broadcasting culture, as it once was, see Part IV in A Nation Unaware. For a probing looking into the brand-name propaganda system and its destructive consequences, see Chapters 7 and 8, on the advertising and marketing bureaucracy, in The New Bureaucracy: Waste and Folly in the Private Sector) .

"Media concentration: self-promotion and not much else," Columbia Journal, December 2002.

"Media concentration scarier than editorial control,", April 2002.

"It's the media, stupid," The Democrat, September 2001.

"B.C. media make false charges stick," Straight Goods, June 2001; Free The Media, July 2001.

THE BIG TABOO, a six-part series, Free The Media, May 2001; (Vancouver South – Burnaby federal election campaign website) November 2000
    The big taboo! The issue the other parties don’t dare talk about
    Danger: extreme concentration
    How media bias works: the joke is on us all
    Now you see it, now you don’t - how editors make us blind
    Brainwashing Stalin would have admired and, boy, does it cost you!
    Restoring media democracy. Let’s do it!

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"A Faustian Bargain" (review of Hidden Agendas, by John Pilger), The Democrat, February 1999.

"Back to Basics" (on the CBC's "repositioning"), Scan, Nov/Dec 1992.

"Sweet Bureaucracy" (on the waste and inefficiency of financing television by advertising), Scan, Jul/Aug 1990.

A review of Sultans of Sleaze, by Joyce Nelson, for Books in Canada, June-July 1990.

A review of The Mass Media in Canada, by Mary Vipond, for Canadian Public Policy , Volume XVI:3.

"The Gospel of Grab" (on concentration of private broadcasting and cable ownership), Scan, Nov/Dec 1989.

Reprinted as "The Power of Concentration," This Magazine, June 1990.

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