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A blog on corporate power with The New Bureaucracy: Waste and Folly in the Private Sector as its starting point

“Flaming darts, shotgun blasts and adder stings...a "rock 'em, sock 'em" affair.” That was how the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix reviewer described The New Bureaucracy when it hit reviewers’ desks and bookstores in 1991. Other reviewers also realized that a new kind of discussion had been launched, with revolutionary implications.

The book detailed extraordinary waste and folly in the private sector. More important, though, it introduced two new general ideas.

First, the private sector is no longer, if it ever was, a field of individualistic, heroic entrepreneurs astride the world, but is a new kind of bureaucracy, together with the excesses and power that come with an entrenched bureaucracy.

The second was that, like all entrenched bureaucracies, The New Bureaucracy hides behind an ideological screen - ironically, in this case, “free enterprise” - behind which the waste, luxury and imposition of power are protected.

This is what will be discussing.

In the meantime, we can get the discussion going here. First, please go to The New Bureaucracy main page on this site for more details on the book, review excerpts, and “the story behind the book.” Then, if you wish to contribute with your comments, please click here.

For the book itself, copies of The New Bureaucracy: Waste and Folly in the Private Sector are available from Herschel Hardin Associates, 3498 Marine Drive, West Vancouver BC V7V 1N2, Canada, for C$30 (USA $32, other international $34), including shipping and handling. From outside of Canada, please use money orders.
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